Relationship and Controlling Agency for People's Republic of China

Our guarantee is fast flow of information and most competitive prices. Following your inquiry for a product, you will get an immediate response from us. Once all terms are final and your order is in process, our staff will perform numerous plant visits, product quality checks and process audits to ensure that you will receive the right product at the right time with the right price.

  • Product, Manufacturer research 
  • Price, Bargaining Making 
  • Purchase Services (Brokerage, factory inspection, quality control, order management) 
  • Shipping Organization 
  • Customs Clearance Services


Product Search

Searching for the product is the initial step in the process and it is strictly our job. We don’t just search for the product that you need. We search for the product with the best price. While doing so, we ensure that no compensation is given on quality. When you receive a quote for your product, you can be sure that the quality expectations are met and you’re paying the lowest possible price for it. 

Product Specification

Product specifications are based on the customer’s requirements. For every quote request from the customer, first step is discussing the product specifications, special instructions and requirements.

Product Sample

You have to see it to believe it. That’s why, once we confirm the feasibility of the manufacturer and customer’s agreement of the manufacturer’s specifications, we will kick-off the sampling process. Within a short time, you will receive the sample of the product in order to approve next steps to come.

Manufacturer Visit/Assessment

By this time, you already know the price and terms, additionally you have a sample of the product that you can look at. Following your approval on the sample and terms, we will visit the manufacturer’s plant and perform a full audit to ensure the production, packaging, handling and shipping will meet customer’s requirement. Upon completion of our audit, you will receive a fully report of our visit/audit.

Quality Assurance Contract

Before the customer places an order, we mutually sign a “Quality Assurance Contract”. This becomes an official document that shows the quality specifications of the product that the customer is ordering.

Shipment and Delivery Time

Based on customer’s receiving expectations, we propose different options of delivery methods. We will clearly state the shipment and delivery time, terms and responsibilities of each party involved in the supply chain. By default, we target the soonest and safest method of delivery.

Proforma Invoice

Customer receives a proforma invoice for the order.


Payment and delivery terms are agreed upon based on the proforma invoice.

Quality Control Checklist

Quality control checklist includes all product details and requirements that are specified by the customer. This checklist is created by Klup and must be approved by the customer before further steps are taken.

Quality Control

Once the order starts being processed, Klup team begins performing constant quality control checks/audits according to the quality control checklist.

Final Control

When the order is complete and ready to be shipped, Klup will perform a final quality check as instructed by the customer. Through all preceding steps and this final check, Klup will ensure 100% flawless execution of the customer’s order.


Shipment method will always meet customer requirements. As Klup, we always work with reliable and experienced freight companies that were able to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with us and our customers over many years and many projects.